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Learning Support

This year students taking mathematics courses will be using mathsbuddy. Mathsbuddy is a great tool that supports students learning. It enables them to work at their own pace, go over any concepts they may have missed and get instant results.

Students can sign in here!
Parents can sign in here!

Study It
Study it is a website for NCEA students and covers main stream subjects such as English, Mathematics and Science. It provides everything you need to study for each achievement standard and allows you to connect with other subject teachers and students.
Visit study it 

NCEA Student App for apple and android devices
Do you need help monitoring and planning your NCEA assessments. Go to the link below to download the NCEA student app for your mobile device. There are other apps available in the google play store and on itunes. To find them simply visit either the google play store and itunes app store and search using the keyword 'NCEA'.

Check out the NCEA Student App here!

Skoolbo is a great new site to help children with reading and math. Children are immersed in an incredible learning world and become highly motivated by the inbuilt rewards mechanisms designed to encourage healthy use and to maximize learning. Your child will be provided with an account that grants full usage of the program for free both at home and at school. As a parent you will also be able to view your child's results via the Parent Dashboard (coming soon) and, if you wish, you will be able to purchase additional reports in the future. These additional reports are optional and your child has full functionality of the program whether you choose to buy the reports or not. There is no advertising on Skoolbo and there are no in-app purchases. Children are not able to communicate on Skoolbo, thus ensuring no possibility of unsafe interactions.

Skoolbo is ONLY available for year one to eight students. If you would like to join the Skoolbo programme please contact Sareya at the school office.

Visit Skoolbo here!