The Kerikeri Campus located in Waimate North is a Satellite Campus of Kaikohe Christian School (KCS) and as such is managed by the KCS Board of Trustees (BOT), namely the Principal and Senior Management Team of KCS.


Our Site Manager is Robyn Burgess B.A. (Social Anthropology), Dip.Tchg. Robyn has been a Christian for 47 years and is convinced of the advantages of Christian Education for students, their families, their associated churches and the wider community in general. The school uses ‘Interact’, a Christ-centred curriculum based on the National Curriculum. Robyn has taught at all levels of the Junior School – NE through to Year 8. Her curriculum strengths are in Literacy, especially in the teaching of Written Language, an area that has been targeted by the Minister of Education as needing overall improvement nation-wide. 

Robyn, along with the Literacy Advisor,  Jenny Andrews, has developed ‘Learning Bridges’ for each student. These ‘Learning Bridges’ inform students of their National Standards Expected Levels, Actual Levels and Next Steps in Written Language, Reading and Numeracy. For every student we develop a personalised Learning Bridge. On the whole, in Literacy and Numeracy, students at this Campus are AT, ABOVE or WELL ABOVE the National Standards for their age.