Years 5-6

Tena koutou katoa,

I'm excited about our learning this term which looks at the concept of 'change'. We will endeavour to develop our ideas around some big questions:
  • How do changes from our our country's past impact us today? (social science)
  • How can I write about changes in my life? (language - diaries and journals)
  • How can I discuss the changes with you? (language - discussions)
  • If God is the source, then what? (devotions - Joshua, Jesus)

It's important for students to understand the history of their 'local' area (Hokianga, Kaikohe, Bay of Islands), why new settlers came to these areas, the resources that were available to them, and changes over time. Making links between a local area's past, present, and future is important for students, so they can think about their role and responsibility to create change to meet the needs of future generations. We will be going out on field trips learning about the history, the legacy, and current issues in our local areas (should make really interesting learning).

Technology supported learning (eLearning, Blended Learning, ICT, etc) is a love of mine! Last year we launched into using several Web 2.0 tools that had students collaborating and creating content to various degrees. It was a time of exploration, and how useful to learning our new technology tools were, or were not. This year I am aiming to really refine the use of technology to support learning in 3 ways:

  • to bring in ideas
  • to link ideas
  • to put linked ideas into another context
Have you seen the new/old prefab around the back of our school? When it has been refurbished we shall be moving in (something else to be excited about).

I look forward to adding interesting highlights of our learning as the term/year goes on.

Naku noa
Mrs Vesey

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