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“Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth”.  1 John 3:18

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(please note the starting date for next year 2019 has changed)

  • Term 4 Ends – Thursday 13th December 2018
  • Term 1 Starts – Thursday 7th February 2019

Primary Camp 2019 – Kaikohe Campus

  • Date:  Monday 25th March – Wednesday 27th March 2019
  • Venue:  Coopers Beach Youth Camp, Coopers Beach
  • Cost: $25.00 per student

2019 Stationery Prices – Kaikohe Campus

  • Yrs 1 – 2  =  $9.00
  • Yrs 3 – 4  =  $20.00
  • Yrs 5 – 6  =  $13.00
  • Yrs 7 – 8  =  $13.00
  • Yrs 9        =  $30.00
  • Yrs 10      =  $63.00
  • Yr11 English  =  $5.00
  • Yr11 Maths  =  $115.00
  • Yr11 Science  =  $58.00
  • Yr11 Biblical History  =  $3.00
  • Yr11 Gateway  =  $3.00
  • Yr11 PE =  $5.00
  • Yr11 Numeracy  =  $25.50
  • Yr11 Performing Arts  =  $4.00
  • Yr12 English  =  $4.50
  • Yr12 Chemistry  =  $56.00
  • Yr12 Performing Arts  =  $4.00
  • Yr12 Biology  =  $34.50
  • Yr12 Gateway  =  $3.00
  • Yr12 PE  =  $4.00
  • Yr13 English  =  $4.50
  • Yr13 Calculus  =  $133.50
  • Yr13 PE  =  $4.50
  • Yrs11, 12, 13 Te Kura  =  $20.00      


  • Yr9 TXB $15.00
  • Yr10 TXB $15.00


  • Yr12 TXB  Combo $26.50
  • Yr13 TXB  Combo $26.50


  • Yr12 TXB Combo $31.50
  • Yr13 TXB Combo $26.50


  • Yr12 TXT Bk Combo $26.50
  • Yr13 TXT Bk Combo $31.50

There will also be an additional $10.00 per student for photocopying.  All students that are doing Prime Maths need to pay $24.00 for 2x books.


The NCEA Progress Summary reports published to the portal this year have had a KAMAR database calculation error for the NCEA Level 1 NCEA: Merit Endorsement field. To find out more about NCEA Endorsements please view this link. This was picked up by Ms Vujcich and KAMAR have now fixed part of their report template. Correct reports will be posted with the 2018 End of Year Reports and have been published to the portal. For understanding NCEA, please take a look at this link.


NZQA and the Ministry of Education have implemented a change to the way NCEA and University Entrance attainment is reported.

The new enrolment-based measure of NCEA attainment will replace NZQA’s roll – based and participation-based measures. It provides a more precise picture of attainment. It counts all domestic students in years 11 to 13 aged less than 19 on 1 January, rather than taking a snapshot of students as at 1 July. It also counts up to three ethnicities students identify with, rather than limiting this to just one.

As a result, NZQA advises that most schools will see a change in their attainment rates. It is a statistical adjustment that doesn’t reflect school performance, teaching practice or an individual student’s results. Also, whilst NCEA and University Entrance attainment rates do change for most schools, the amount of improvement in student attainment over time is similar and positive using the enrolment-based measure.

NZQA has consulted with schools on the way attainment is reported at a school level. The enrolment-based measure will be used for reporting NCEA and University Entrance attainment statistics from January 2019.

More information can be found on the NZQA website:


A reminder to parents of Year 9 and 10 students that perform Kapa Haka they are able to do NCEA Levels 1, 2, and 3 Maori Performing Arts unit standards next year.


The Kamar Parent & Student Portal is available to all parents for students in Year 9 – Year 13. The following information is currently available – notices, calendar, student timetables, live attendance, pastoral notes, recognition’s (C.A.R.E points), student reports, students results, and student pathways.

Please note: Student information is not publicly available and has only been shared with students and parents/caregivers who each have their own unique password. Please, keep your password confidential.
If you have lost your username and password please contact the school office and request a copy.


Learner, Restricted & Full license training classes soon

  • Kaikohe – Monday 21st January 2019 – Friday 25th January, 9:00am – 1:00pm @ Union Church, Clifford Street, Kaikohe
  • Moerewa – Monday 28th January 2019 – Friday 1st February 2019 @ Te Punwai Centre Moerewa. (Next to the Moerewa BP)

All participants MUST be there on the first day and on time. Very important information for the licences happens first thing (i.e a presentation on drugs & alcohol, driver fatigue, speed and restraints!)

Info for Learners
Everyone intending to get their learner license @ the AA Express by the end of the course must have access to:
1. Their original birth certificate or valid passport for their ID
2. A letter from IRD or your bank which states your home address on it
3. If you do not have a valid photo ID, you will need to get a passport photo taken and witnessed/signed by someone who has known you for more than two years, who is not a whanau member

Learner license costs $93.90 at the AA, when you are ready to sit it.  You can walk in any time and sit the theory test on their computer.

Info for Restricted & Full
Bring your license – Laurie cannot take you for a free assessment drive, if you don’t have your license on you.  Automatic car available for the free assessment drive.  If you want to drive your own car, or a manual car, you need to bring a registered and warranted vehicle for the assessment drive. These free assessment drives are essential to know what the tester is looking for, and get some primo tips on how to pass with flying colours!!

  • Restricted License test costs $134.80
  • Full License test costs $109.50. You need to book the official test at your local AA Express.

Other licenses and courses
We also have:

  • Learner material for Class 2 Heavy Traffic (trucks) and Motorcycle free study
  • HT Class 2 Full license training and endorsement for $1,100.00 inc GST onsite here in Moerewa
  • Street Talk/Defensive Driving evening courses cost $180 inc GST to fast-track the time between Restricted and Full (or for the court) Evening classes usually conducted at either Moerewa, or Kerikeri Regent Training Centre
  • Motorcycle Basic Handling Skills – $120 inc GST (bookings for this is based at our Moerewa site)
  • Forklift $300 & OSH $300
  • Refresher $180 inc GST (bookings for this are based at our Moerewa site)
  • Wheels, Rollers & Tracks – $400 inc GST (bookings for this are based at our Moerewa site)

Phone: 021 404 178   /   09 404 1274    /  (Laurie) 021 268 1231
52-54 Main Road Moerewa
Hours open: 9:00am – 3:00pm
Very happy to answer any questions you may have! 