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“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another”.  Proverbs 27:17


Term 1 2020:

  • STARTS:   Monday   03 February 2020   
  • ENDS:       Thursday 09 April 2020


Tena koutou whanau ma – greetings to everyone.

Firstly, welcome back to the new school year – we pray the break has been a time of refreshment and one in which there has been a great deal of ‘whanau time’.

We are looking forward to what the Lord is going to do here this year and we anticipate great things for our students to be involved in and to enjoy. Keep an eye out for notices from teachers asking for interest in opportunities that will be offered this year, from sporting events, field trips and camps through to ministry and outreach opportunities such as the ANZAC Day service on the morning of the 25th April (during the holiday break).

Sun Safety, Water Shortages and Waste Management

As you are very aware, we are experiencing some extreme weather-related challenges this summer – specifically the dangers presented by prolonged exposure to the sun and also the threats to our water supply.

With regards to sun safety we ask that you help us to promote sun-safe behaviour and reinforce the message to…

Protect your skin and eyes from the sun’s damaging rays (UV radiation).

We are supplying every student from Year 1 to 10 with a bucket style hat that is to be worn whenever students are outside in the sun. These hats will be named (no hat sharing ), kept at school and will be laundered each term or more often if required. It will be compulsory for students to wear their hats when outside in the sun.

Along with the sun-safety message we are asking you to help reinforce a message to conserve water. The main water use at school is toilet flushing but we can be smart in other areas as well – like making sure taps are turned off completely and washing up in the sink with the plug in rather than under a running tap.

Lastly, we are asking you to help keep our environment as clean and litter-free as possible. I sent a message at the end of last year that we would be coming into line with other schools who have a strong focus on recycling waste. This also means teaching our young ones how to manage their own waste such as food wrappers, containers and food scraps. Our strategy is threefold.

  1. To encourage recycling of materials that can be recycled we will have the recycling bins in place.
  2. To encourage re-use or complete use of our food-scraps we have food scrap bins which are taken away for animal feed.
  3. To encourage personal responsibility students will take home any other waste that they have brought to school in their lunch boxes. In this way we hope that there will be a greater sense for each of us to take greater control over our personal impact on the environment with the effect of that being a pristine, clean and healthy school environment.

Thank you so much for your continued support in these matters

Nga mihi Mahana

David Rogers




Praise God and congratulations to Keisha Benedito, Mikaere Jo Tito-Brown Jenniffer Galvin, Maata Kingi, Psalm Cassidy and Julia Chase who passed their Learners Licence tests.

“One who rides on the back of another does not realise how far the town is”.

“It is only hard work that gets results”


  • 4-6 March – Junior School Camp Opononi





  • A Reminder to Parents to phone the School Office every morning your child is absent from school, to advise the absence reason.
  • Please do not get offended if you receive a phone call or letter requesting reasons for student absence.
  • Failure to contact the school with the reason may result in your child being noted as ‘Truant’
  • If children are late arriving at school, they MUST sign in at the Front Office.
  • A reminder too that constant lateness is also viewed as a form of Truancy and is also being monitored.  It’s not a good pattern for our children to get into.
  • If they leave the School Grounds, during school time, they MUST sign out at the Front Office.

We are tracking attendance closely and rewarding classes with the highest percentage attendance of a three-week period.

“He waka eke noa”

“Everyone working together”


Please ensure all students are in their correct uniform this year and they are wearing the correct footwear i.e. not turning up with bare feet.

A reminder that it’s not safe for them to come to school without shoes.  We’ve had to dress too many foot injuries of children not wearing footwear and would appreciate your help in this matter. The Office Staff have plenty of other pressing duties to attend to, than having to deal with preventable injuries. 

“Mena ko te hunga tika te rangatiratanga ka hari te Iwi”

“When the righteous are in authority the people rejoice”



Parent Help is a non-profit organisation that supports parents in New Zealand by operating a free parenting helpline for parents and caregivers. The helpline provides personalised, practical support and strategies to parents and caregivers on a diverse range of parenting issues and challenges.

Our aim is to ensure that parents in New Zealand feel fully supported to do the best parenting job they can and to know that they can call on us whenever they need that extra bit of parenting support.