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“And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your thoughts in Christ Jesus.”   (Phillippians 4:7)


Term 1 2020:

  • Term 1      ENDS:   Wednesday 25 March 2020
  • Term 2   STARTS:   Wednesday 15  April  2020  (Distance learning from home)



Now we’ve entered into Alert Level 3 and a slight easing of restrictions, to include a mad dash to the takeaways, a return to work for some, travelling a little further afield or extending your bubble to include loved ones etc, we do pray all is going well for you all.  We’re certainly encouraged by the positive feedback received from whanau who have embraced and enjoyed the ‘distance learning’. Even we as Staff have been on a steep yet very fulfilling learning curve.  Getting a little more ‘tech savvy’ even.

A reminder to check out our ‘Tabs on our Home Page’ for further updates and instructions.

Click on the Tabs: 

  • Co Vid 19 Latest School Updates
  • Co Vid 19 Home Learning Information
  • Borrow a School Chrome Book
  • Register for students to return to school
  • Any other Tabs that come up along with them



Tena koutou whanau ma – Greetings to everyone

In preparation for attendance on the school site under Alert Level 3:

  • A process was set up last week to register students who needed to return to school
  • Many of you have been in contact with the school and we thank you for your prompt response

Under Level 3: 

  • As with level 4, everyone who can, is expected to stay home and save lives

Priority 1:

  • It is very important that we only receive students back to school who have no other care options – this means keeping children at home and continuing distance learning is the first priority.

Priority 2:

  • If you need to have your child at school you must advise us of this, so we are able to prepare to receive them into safe ‘school bubbles’.
  • Students will not be able to return to school unless we have been notified and have been able to set up their care arrangements for while they are at school.
  • When we have received notice that you need to send your child to school, we will make contact with you to arrange for successful re-entry and to advise a start date.

Students returning to school:

  • Will be kept in small groups with their assigned teacher and will continue the distance learning programmes that they are accessing now.
  • Their break times will be staggered so we avoid ‘cross group’ contact and our cleaning and sanitising processes will be ramped up to ensure the physical environment is clean and sanitary.
  • Transport to and from school is still being assessed by the bus companies.

We need every whanau to complete the form attached on our ‘Home Page’

Let us know:

  • whether or not you need to send your child or children to school.

Your support in this is greatly appreciated.

Nga mihi mahana

David Rogers (PRINCIPAL)



There’s more to a day than schoolwork!

Hobbies are an important part of our lives whether we are in lock down or not and we thank the Lord for the interests He has given us for our enjoyment (and others pleasure – a lot of which is culinary!)




Robyn Burgess’s Class wrote thank you poems to the Essential Workers last week.  We will be showcasing some of those amazing poems over the following weeks:           

To all the hard working farmers,

Thank you all for still working 

through this hard time, 

just to keep the supermarkets full 

so we can eat

and when you have to wake up 

early in the morning

when your alarm clock screams at you

while we are still tucked up 

in our nice cozy beds.

Thank you for still working in your 

fields so we can 

have nice, fine, food, fresh from the field

Once again 


Chloe Alley 9


       For the Teachers, Dear Teachers,

              Thank you,

              For supplying students with stimulating schoolwork,

              Scintillating syllabuses and spectacular scholastics,

              When instead you could lounge around with a mug of coffee, 

              A box of chocolates, A book,


              Thank you,

              For diligently diversifying with dreaded desktop data, 

              Dispelling doldrums and dispatching diversions,

              When instead you could linger in the garden with a flower, 

              A bee, A bird,


              You are the gatekeepers warding off boredom,

               So on behalf of students throughout Kerikeri,

               New Zealand, And the World,

               Thank you,


                  Sincerely, Charissa Miles 



Dear Dairy Farmers,

I think the appropriate way to start,

would be,

Thank you. 

If you were not here,

supplying the shops

with milk

what could be in its place?

You have worked from dawn till dusk,

leading and showing your cows

the right way to go

You may be tired 

but you do it for the good of our country,

for the good of Kiwi citizens

We need to stay strong and be kind,

Together we can get through this.

 Not only are you heroes to the country,

 Most of all,

 You are my number one.

 Yours sincerely,

  Zoe De Wet


We’d love to receive some photos and short paragraphs, to put into our School Newsletter of our students studying from home and what that looks like for your whanau.

Last week John Mark Nelson shared some of his highlights of studying from home.

Feel free to submit:

  • highlights you found while studying from home (e.g. 1 – 2 paragraphs).
  • a few pictures to accompany it

Selected pictures / positive highlights will be showcased over the following weeks.

Please email your pictures and your positive highlights to:



Coronavirus, Hygiene and Self Isolation
  • Information about Coronavirus – Covid 19 is being updated for us on a regular basis. 
  • It is important to do your best to follow the recommended hygiene and well being guidance.

Simple Preventative Steps: plan outlined by the Ministry of Health and shared with our students:

  • Wash your hands often (soap and water / 20 seconds / dry thoroughly)
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth
  • Avoid sharing anything that has come into contact with saliva (drink bottles etc)
  • Stay home!
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue or into the crook of your arm.

Students are able to maintain contact with their teachers, classwork and assignment / assessment work via Google Classroom.

If you want to know more about COVID-19 please make sure that any reading you are doing is from a reliable source.  The Ministry of Health is the best source of information for New Zealand and they update this information regularly –

The COVID-19 symptoms are:

  • Fever
  • Coughing
  • Difficulty breathing

If anyone you know has these symptoms and has been to a country or area of concern or have been in contact with someone who has: 

  • Phone Healthline (for free)  0800 358 5453 or their doctor immediately.

Nga mihi mahana, David Rogers (Principal)


Another “Energize Activity and “Nutrition Recipe”!!!

The activity I’ve shared with you today is “Body Balance” which can be used to help focus the mind and explore individual creativity.

  • A great one that can be done at home or school especially if your school.
  • For this activity no one misses out!

The “Stir Fry” recipe is a simple and easy selected dinner that students can help their whanau with after a long day of school or work!

  • Better yet it’s going to provide the nutrients your body needs to keeping well!

I hope you enjoy and feel free to share with me anything you decide to try! Stay safe, and I’ll see you all next week!

Ngā mihi

Shawni Paniona  (Energize Lead Whangarei Sport Northland)   027 272 7522 Mobile |

Blessings to you all and stay safe!