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Honour Christ and let Him be the Lord of your life. Always be ready to give and answer when someone asks you about your hope.  (1 Peter 3:15)


Term 1 2020:

  • Term 1      ENDS:   Wednesday 25 March 2020
  • Term 2   STARTS:   Wednesday 15  April  2020  (Distance learning from home)




Alert Level 3 is here and we all look forward to the possibility of preparing for Alert Level 2, in the near future, yet to be announced by Government. We certainly pray for a safe and speedy transition for all.

Thank you to all the staff and parents who are supporting our students with ‘distance learning’ and those who are working with the small amount of students who returned to our school site.  It’s that precious partnership that ensures the minor bumps or detours won’t deter our students from achieving success on their educational journey.

After the mad dash for takeaways, came and went, I don’t know about you but I certainly have grown accustomed to healthy home cooked meals and baking.  Some of the photos and highlights coming in, show some students have certainly stirred up their culinary gifts, dishing up tasty treats for their whanau.

Now and in the following weeks we’ll be presenting a smorgasbord of highlights and work our students have submitted, as well as keeping you informed of the latest updates, so relax with a cuppa and enjoy!

A reminder to check out our ‘Tabs on our Home Page’ for further updates and instructions.

Click on the Tabs: 

  • Co Vid 19 Latest School Updates
  • Co Vid 19 Home Learning Information
  • Borrow a School Chrome Book
  • Register for students to return to school
  • Any other Tabs that come up along with them



Tena koutou whanau ma – Greetings to everyone

Alert Level 3: Preparation for attendance on the school site:

  • A process was set up 2 weeks ago to register students who needed to return to school
  • Many promptly replied and a small number of students returned to the school site

Under Level 3: As with level 4, everyone who can, is expected to stay home and save lives.

Priority 1:

  • It is very important we only receive students back to school who have no other care options – this means keeping children at home and continuing distance learning.

Priority 2:

  • If you need to have your child at school you must advise us of this, so we are able to prepare to receive them into safe ‘school bubbles’.
  • Students will not be able to return to school unless we have been notified and we’ve sorted out their care arrangements for while they are at school.
  • When we have received notice that you need to send your child to school, we will contact you to arrange successful re-entry and to advise a start date.

Students returning to school:

  • Will be kept in small groups with their assigned teacher and will continue the distance learning programmes that they are accessing now.
  • Their break times will be staggered to avoid ‘cross group’ contact and our cleaning /sanitising processes will be ramped up to ensure the physical environment is clean and sanitary.
  • Transport to and from school is still being assessed by the bus companies.

Every whanau needs to complete the form attached on our ‘Home Page’

Let us know:

  • whether or not you need to send your child or children to school, if you haven’t already done so.

Thanks again to those who have already registered, made contact or arrangements with us.

Your support in this is greatly appreciated.

Nga mihi mahana

David Rogers (PRINCIPAL)



Parents and caregivers, please would you ensure that your son or daughter is checking their emails regularly everyday as this is the main way teachers are communicating to them about when zoom class lessons are taking place, or giving feedback / help to questions they have answered.
  • We have noticed that some students have not been responding to teachers emails and missing class meetings and announcements.
  • As a result they are falling behind now in their learning, and they will have to work harder on return to school to get back on track with meeting assessments schedules.
We need your help with this. Let’s work together so your rangatahi can still do well and keep up.
If you have any concerns at all please let me or the Principal know as soon as possible.
Kia ora! Yvonne Vujcich


Here is something for our tamariki : a neat bible app just for kids.

As our kids are spending so much time on devices at the moment, it’s handy to have some Bible based and fun stuff to feed the spirit and minds of our young disciples 


Focus on the Family has made free digital copies of their latest kids magazines available.

  • Please check out the links below:

Clubhouse (ages 8-12) -Leading the pack:

Clubhouse Jr (ages 3-7) – Easter out back:


At Attitude we know that the health and well-being of your students is one of the most important things right now and we want to continue to support your school.

We have created a 5 minute video aimed at students to help provide them with some tools and insights necessary to cope with the Surviving the lock down with your family. 

  • We know that during this time can be incredibly stressful and challenging for many young people and their families while they are in lock down together.

Here is a link to the YouTube video of our presenters talking about getting along with your family in Attitude’s classic entertaining, informative and inclusive way.


Please see attached Hau Ora video links that may be of help to you:

Part One:

Part Two:


Here is something for families – 3 practical tips / strategies to try to encourage peaceful relationships during lock down.


Please take a moment to also look on the School Website under your child’s ‘Campus’ and ‘Year Level’ to find e.g. Poems, Art, Stories etc students have completed that will be showcased there at various times.



During this lock down period, I have baked and made a series of foods and desserts such as pies and cookies. When I’m not doing work or talking to my fellow classmates I like to bake or cook with my family.

The lock down has been pretty boring but some of the good things about lock down are that you can stay in bed ALL day if you want to!
  • If you would like to have a look at what I’ve made here are a few pictures of my tasty treats!


Farm work as part of school learning.

  • Summer, Zavier and family with Aunty Rachel ready to drench the cows.



There’s more to a day than schoolwork!

Hobbies are an important part of our lives whether we are in lock down or not and we thank the Lord for the interests He has given us for our enjoyment (and others pleasure – a lot of which is culinary!)

Charissa Miles –  Hobbies at home:



Coronavirus:  Damiiyan Phillips-Hulmes (Year 4)

Coronavirus is a disease that people can die from. This disease is so deadly that people have to stay home and look after themselves. That is why you need to stay clean and take care of your body and that is how we can go down levels so we can be a happy world.

The main thing we are thinking about is germs. You should not share germs. First things first, wash your hands, have showers but we are still on water restrictions so that makes that a bit more difficult. Also, when you go shopping, wait in line, listen to what the Prime Minister says, stay 2 meters away from each other. That way we can stay safe. Only one person from your bubble can go out shopping. That rule is there because if someone had the coronavirus only that one person gets it and not everyone.

Coronavirus has caused schools and some shops to close, and public areas like parks and playgrounds are closed because when lots of people gather together it is easier to catch germs, like in public toilets people might catch germs from people touching stuff. Most of the shops are closed so it is best just to stay home and not go anywhere.

This disease is very bad for you but if you stay home and stay safe you won’t be able to get it. So, make sure you are staying home and not sharing any germs and washing yourself and your hands often.

Lock down Story – Brielle: (Year 4)


At the beginning of lock down, we came home from school and took our clothes off.  We jumped into a warm shower.  After that, we washed our clothes in the washing machine then hung them out on the clothes rack to dry.

During the lock down, we set up an obstacle course.  We had to roll a tyre, scramble under a table, hit balls with a stick, step over battens one by one, kick a ball to a hula hoop, pick up a bat and a ball then run to a marker to hit the ball into a hula hoop.  Nana recorded our times.  I came fourth.  It was fun.

We ran a cross country course that Danny set up. We have walked down the farm, fed the chooks, picked  mushrooms, done our schoolwork, and I helped Kris do some fencing. Keisha and I helped Nana plant our vegetable garden.  We have been eating the silver beet, spinach and cherry tomatoes from it.  The pea seeds we sowed are growing.

I like having a fun holiday spending time at home.  I haven’t liked not being able to get takeaways from Kiwi Kai and not seeing my friends during the lock down.


Robyn Burgess’s Class wrote thank you poems to the Essential Workers last week.  We will be showcasing some of those amazing poems over the following weeks:           

Dear Pilots and other people who work on planes,


I want to start by saying thank you

for still working,

despite how many sick people may be on the plane

you tend to people’s needs and take care of them

You put your lives at risk

just to get people home

to be reunited with their families 

You are heroes 

to people 

who without you 

would still be in an unfamiliar country

away from home 

without the comfort of their whanau

but you bring them home

and most of all,

you are heroes to me



Evie Doull (11 Years old)


Dear couriers,

I guess I should start with,

Thank you,

Without endless orders of who knows what,

you deliver,

you’re up at five,

and finish at eight,

bringing us all our orders,

and when you leave,

you give a wave,

brightening our day every delivery,

and when we hear the ‘ding’ of the door bell,

we know your essence has been near,

You’re like Santa at Christmas,

or a bunny at Easter,

zig zagging along streets,

You bring us excitement with every perfectly packed package delivered,

so for that we’d like to say again,


Lilli-Rose Voakes (11 Years old)


Dear Doctors,

Thank you 

so much for working during this awful pandemic

It must be scary looking after all those patients

and risking your life for other people

knowing that you may have the COVID19 

and still have to go back to your family

You have to treat people

who are very sick

and watch others die

what a horrible thing to see

You are working very hard

to save us all

Thank you.

Even just working as a doctor sounds complicated

but a doctor during the COVID19 crisis sounds even worse

You have to work through tears and heartaches

worries and fears

Thank you for working so hard to save as many people as possible

Thank you.

A grateful isolated NZ citizen 

Natalie Collins: (10 years old)


Natalie Collins (10 years old, Year 6)

  • Some Mother’s Day Art:

Evie Doull (12 years  old, Year 8)

  • Some students have been doing artwork in the style of Quentin Blake:



We’d love to receive some photos and a couple of short paragraphs, to put into our School Newsletter of our students studying from home and what that looks like for your whanau.

Last Week:

  • Waimate Campus students shared some of their hobby day highlights and submitted some of their poems.

Feel free to submit:

  • highlights you found while studying from home (e.g. 1 – 2 paragraphs).
  • a few pictures to accompany it (3 maximum)

Selected pictures / positive highlights will be showcased over the following weeks.

Please email your pictures and your positive highlights to:



In the past few days the weather has been super unpredictable, keeping us cooped up inside for longer than we may have liked!

Today’s activity is to ‘encourage the adventurer in you’ wherever you may be!

  • A well-known favorite for my kids is puddle jumping! Take a look, try them out or get creative with ‘an adventure of your own!’

When you’ve finished venturing, I’ve got you covered with today’s recipe “Anytime Eggs”.

  • Eggs are a great source of protein for growing bodies as well as vitamins and minerals to keep us healthy.
  • They also make for a great breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Hope you enjoy! Stay safe and I’ll see you back here same time and place for more next week!

Ngā mihi

Shawni Paniona  (Energize Lead Whangarei Sport Northland)   027 272 7522 Mobile |


Coronavirus, Hygiene and Self Isolation
  • Information about Coronavirus – Covid 19 is being updated for us on a regular basis. 
  • It is important to do your best to follow the recommended hygiene and well being guidance.

Simple Preventative Steps: plan outlined by the Ministry of Health and shared with our students:

  • Wash your hands often (soap and water / 20 seconds / dry thoroughly)
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth
  • Avoid sharing anything that has come into contact with saliva (drink bottles etc)
  • Stay home!
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue or into the crook of your arm.

Students are able to maintain contact with their teachers, classwork and assignment / assessment work via Google Classroom.

If you want to know more about COVID-19 please make sure that any reading you are doing is from a reliable source.  The Ministry of Health is the best source of information for New Zealand and they update this information regularly –

The COVID-19 symptoms are:

  • Fever
  • Coughing
  • Difficulty breathing

If anyone you know has these symptoms and has been to a country or area of concern or have been in contact with someone who has: 

  • Phone Health Line (for free)  0800 358 5453 or their doctor immediately.

Nga mihi mahana, David Rogers (Principal)

Blessings to you all and stay safe!