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Be strong and courageous. Don’t be afraid or scared of them; for the Lord your God himself is who goes with you. He will not fail you nor forsake you.

(Deuteronomy 31:6)

2020 Term 2:

  • STARTS:   Wednesday 15 April 2020
  • ENDS:       Friday 3 July 2020




Winter is certainly here!

Post Lock Down, with an economy slowly trying to find its feet again and with holidays coming up in July, now maybe a perfect opportunity for some to plan a ‘Winter Get Away’ for the School Holidays.

  • It doesn’t have be extravagant and there’s certainly much to experience locally or further afield within New Zealand. Even a visit to a Café.  It all helps to pump life back into many businesses and sectors that were hit financially by the Lock down.
  • For some trying to recover financially too, or others worked off their feet over the lock down period, it may be a perfect time to rest, relax, snuggled up at home.
  • Either way, may this Winter season be a time of deep reflection, a time to set new goals for the upcoming Spring season of our lives.



Tena koutou whanau ma – warm greetings to everyone.

Nearly there! What a fantastic effort from our whanau and community to get alongside the kaupapa and get us back to (nearly) normal.

I’m including the advisory I have received from the Secretary of Education  that helps us understand what Level 1 looks like at school. As you can see there really are no more restrictions, but we have learned some important lessons that we can keep hold of to keep us safe from the usual winter bugs that we come into contact with, especially cold and flu bugs. This means we still want to make sure our environments are clean and hygienic and that our personal hygiene, such as hand washing is of a high standard too.

Alert Level 1

The key changes for schools:

  • Physical distancing is not a requirement but where possible or practicable is encouraged when you are around people you don’t know.
  • There are no specific public health requirements.
  • There are no restrictions on personal movement so all students, children and staff continue to be safe to go to school / early learning, and ‘all students must attend school’
  • You are no longer required to keep a contact tracing register but will continue with the usual practice of having a visitor and an attendance register (and will need to work with local health authorities to identify close contacts, should there be a case connected with the school).
  • There are no restrictions on numbers at gatherings or on physical activities including cultural and sporting activities, practices and events.

There are key public health measures – Golden Rules – for everyone in New Zealand to follow. For schools and early learning services this means:

  • If people are sick, they should stay home (phone Healthline or their GP and get tested if they have cold or flu symptoms)
  • Stringent self-isolation of those who display relevant symptoms of COVID-19, test positive for COVID-19, have been in close contact with someone who tests positive for COVID-19, or have been overseas in the last 14 days – Ministry of Health information for self-isolation.
  • Continue to regularly wash and dry hands, sneeze and cough into elbows.
  • Soap, water and the ability to dry hands should be provided in bathrooms.
  • Regularly disinfect shared surfaces.

Symptoms noted on the Ministry of Health website are:

  • a cough
  • a high temperature (at least 38˚C)
  • shortness of breath
  • a sore throat
  • sneezing and runny nose
  • temporary loss of smell.

We are really looking forward to finishing the term well with everyone back on site.

Nga mihi mahana – Blessings to all

David Rogers.



Tena koutou whanau ma – Greetings to everyone

Mid Year Reports will be issued on Friday June 26th to students to bring home.

  • This report is a one-off report that seeks to give feedback to whanau and families about the progress and achievement of students now that we are back at school.

Primary School reporting:

  • For this first half year is comprised of three parts. One is this brief formal written report. The other two parts take place when we meet together to share learning experiences and to formulate learning goals for the rest of the year ahead. We have set aside Wednesday 1st July for these meetings to take place and we will make arrangements to meet with any whanau who are not available on that day.

Secondary Reporting: 

  • Will be in the usual format however, included in these reports will be the goals your child has set for Term 3 and their reflections of their learning during the lock down period, plus, the Parent Report Hui Booking Schedule.




Another good day today with the girls preparing food and making coffee
Nga Mihi
Jo Madden
Trades Academy Tutor
Tutor at QRC Tai Tokerau Resort Collage
Diploma of Hospitality Management




The Vote 4 Life campaign is gaining momentum in the mighty Northland!

What:  Unborn Remembrance Day (Memorial to the Babies Aborted in 2019)
When: Saturday 20th June, 1:00pm-2:00pm

Where: On the grassed area on the corner of Maunu and Hospital Roads (outside Whangarei Hospital)
  • We are supporting our friends from Voice For Life who will be holding memorials around the country on the afternoon of Saturday June 20th, to remember the babies who were aborted in 2019. These are intended to take place outside every hospital and clinic in New Zealand where abortions were carried out in 2019.
  • In our case, we will gather outside Whangarei Hospital, on the grassed area on the corner of Maunu and Hospital Roads. We are planning to have two large signs, two large crosses and pro-life resources at the memorial, and one or more Christian leaders to pray for the unborn children and their mothers and fathers.
  • The memorial will take place from 1pm-2pm, but can continue until later that afternoon if people would like to stay on. There will be a nationwide moment of silence on this day (time to be confirmed by Voice for Life’s national office).
  • Between 300 and 400 babies are aborted at Whangarei Hospital last year. We would greatly appreciate your help in promoting this event amongst your pro-life friends and family members. If you are a church goer, promote it in your church (in the church bulletin, with your pastor or minister, etc).

I am taking on the massive challenge of winning the Northland seat as an independent MP. A great team of supporters across all parties are forming. Why?

  • To repeal the Abortion Law Reform Act by introducing to parliament the Living Infants Fairness and Equality (LIFE) Bill.
  • To raise awareness of the injustice of the current abortion law.
  • To bring non-judgemental healing, help and support for people who have been affected by abortion or are in situations where abortion seems like their only option.
  • To introduce and support life-giving policies around euthanasia, suicide, environment, education, economics, alleviating poverty and prison reform.

I’m standing as an independent. This will give Northland the advantage of having a non-partisan MP who will put Northland first not their masters in Wellington!

  • Northland is a winnable seat. The National, Labour and New Zealand First candidates will cancel themselves out leaving a clear path for an Independent to take the seat.
  • If you would like to make a donation to the cause of speaking up for the voiceless follow this link  Donate
  • For events happening throughout Northland go to Events

Mike Shaw Independent Candidate Northland



Who:           Primary and Secondary Students
When:         1 July 1:30 – 6 pm.
                     Buses: Will run early at 1.00 pm
                     Parent Interviews start at 1:30 pm
Where:       Primary Students in their Classrooms and Secondary students in the hall

We are asking that all whanau and students book times to meet with their teachers.

  • During lockdown, we really appreciated the extra involvement we had with whanau.
  • We desire to continue building our relationships and connection with you as we see the huge value it adds to your child’s engagement in learning and achievement. The hui is another very good opportunity for building our relationships. Please set this time aside to meet with us.
  • We would like to discuss your child’s attitude/effort and progress and achievement in learning at school and at home.
  • Secondary teachers will also let you know the updated course  schedule of learning/ assessments for the remainder of the year.

Other areas of learning that may have taken place during lockdown are whanau/social, spiritual, cultural, economic/political/environmental, personal time management and responsibility, health/well-being and technology.

  • You may have stories to share with us about one of these areas as well.  We would also be very interested to know about any new work experience skills eg farm or hospitality etc that your child learnt and for Secondary Students,  NZQA is considering acknowledging this learning in some way for this year.

Nga mihi mahana

David Rogers



The Ministry of Education have changed the start of the external examinations for NCEA to a later date.
NCEA exams will now begin on Monday 16 November – Wednesday 9 December.
  • This is to help relieve some of the learning time pressure students and teachers have experienced due to home learning during the COVID19 Lockdown period.
  • We want to thank whanau who worked hard during the lock down period by getting involved with the learning needs of their rangatahi.
  • We all are working hard at school to ensure the best outcome for our rangatahi.
  • Please continue to keep engaged with the learning of your children, as research shows that strong whanau, student and school connections make the world of difference to future learning outcomes.
  • This year has challenges before all of us, but we are aiming to build on what we have learnt together, to plan the pathway ahead.
You can see the revised 2020 Examination Timetable and the Whanau Survey on our school website
Whanau support and input is vital and very much appreciated.
  • Please also complete the whanau survey, as this will help gather your voice too as we reflect on what has been learnt in a much broader sense over the past 2 months.
If you have any NCEA queries, please contact:  Yvonne Vujcich 09 405 2626



As of 29 May, we have and will be sending ‘student attendance data’ to the Ministry weekly.

The purpose is to:

  • report to the National Crisis Monitoring Centre and government on levels of attendance during the COVID-19 period
  • inform and support Ministry planning for students and schools returning to normal operation
  • evaluate and report on the effectiveness of initiatives implemented by the Ministry to respond and manage its response to COVID-19


Reminder:  Parents / Caregivers please phone our School Office on 09 4011 873 or email by 9 am in mornings should your child / children be absent.

Should we miss your call, please leave a message on our answering phone:

Please advise the following details:

  • The student’s name
  • The absence reason
  • When they are likely to return to school

Failure to do so will result in Follow up action for ‘Truancy’, as part of the ‘Rock On Truancy Project’.

You may receive a text, email, phone call and where serious Truancy occurs a ‘Rock On Letter’.

  • Julie Haines                ( Year 1 – 8 Students)
  • Jacqueline Te Huia   (Year 9 – 13 Students)


  • Any student arriving late to School is required to sign in at the School Office upon arrival
  • Parents of young students who arrive late, will need to sign them in before dropping them off to their class
  • At the first class / form time of the day, the School Roll is marked and any marked ‘absent’ will be followed up as noted above, for attendance absences
  • It’s important your children arrive to school on time, as this too is considered a form of Truancy


All visitors who enter our School Grounds are required to sign in / out at our School Office

  • We take seriously the security and welfare of our students and therefore require Parents and Visitors adhere to this requirement
  • If it’s before the first school bell and you’re just dropping your children off and immediately leaving, you won’t need to sign in/out
  • If you remain onsite, you will be considered as a ‘Visitor’ and therefore will need to sign in / out at the School Office
  • If you arrive early to pick up your child / children and it’s before the final school bell, you will need to sign your child out, at the School Office



Kia ora Koutou,

Our activity nugget today is “Keep up the balloon” which incorporates a few challenges to get you thinking about all the different ways you could challenge yourself with using a balloon. If you don’t have a balloon don’t stress! Think about other alternatives you could use in your given environment instead! What challenges can you, your class or whanau come up with?

Our nutrition nugget today “Snacks vs Treats” continue to encourage us to be as environmentally aware. Good for us and good for papatūānuku.

Ngā mihi

Shawni Paniona  (Energize Lead Whangarei Sport Northland)   027 272 7522 Mobile |



A lovely queen size bed and mattress (the Mattress is well used) to give away to bless a family that’s in genuine need.

All inquiries phone: School Office 09 4011873


Blessings to you all and stay safe!