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“Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honourable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise. .”

Phillipians 4.8

2020 Term 3:

  • ENDS:       Friday    25 September

2020 Term 4:

  • STARTS:   Monday 12 October
  • ENDS:       Friday     11 December




“Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi.   Engari he toa takitini”

“My strength is not mine alone.  It is drawn from the multitudes of those who have supported me.”

The strength of our School is the same.  It can endure the storms and challenges that come our way but only with the support of all our staff, students, whanau and community.

So let us must remain vigilant and all do our part to navigate through these challenging times.

  • That’s where we need to support one another, as we’re all on this journey together.

Unity commands a blessing!


Tena koutou whanau ma

I have received this very disturbing advisory regarding the Tik Tok platform / app which some of our students access. On the surface level the app is designed for pro-social encounters however as you will be aware, the mis-use of these tools causes great harm – especially to our young people. Below, I have copied the discussion I have received for your information and for you to see why I have made the decision to ban Tik-Tok from this school environment. I am very concerned that some of our students may have viewed the content that is referred to in the information below and I would respectfully ask you to discuss this with your children if you have any concerns that they might have accessed the material.

Nga mihi mahana

David Rogers


Principals have alerted us to a very disturbing clip which has gone viral on Tik Tok.  Some students have been watching it and have had very upsetting reactions.  National Office have contacted Netsafe who are working on removing the clip from sites where possible.

Netsafe have advised the following:

For now, we recommend that students are being made aware not to share or view the footage as it can be highly distressing content. Our webpage has information about helping tamariki exposed to upsetting content that you may find useful. We have also provided some support lines for students and staff if they need to reach out for support below.

  • Need to talk -. Free call or text on 1737 and there is support available 24 hours a day
  • 0800 What’s Up – Available Mon-Fri 12pm-11pm Sat/Sun 3pm-11pm on 0800 942 8787
  • Lifeline – call on (0800 543 354) or text HELP (4357) for confidential support.

This content can have an impact beyond those immediately engaged with it. It is likely to have had a range of impacts on each person – some may be severely affected and others may not be affected at all. It is important to be aware of the need to talk with young people who have heard about it and to encourage them to express their feelings in response to the video. We recommend that having regular, open conversations at home around online safety is important to help young people navigate the myriad of digital challenges they will experience.

You can read more on our parental control advice page here. There is an option to switch to Safe Search when using Google search or alternatively, you can consider looking into this article to block Google images without blocking Google search.

This staying safe online guide and some of our printed resources may be useful.

Ngā manaakitanga

Hira Gage | Director of Education for Tai Tokerau
DDI +6494368914 | Mobile +64 27 501 5068
24 Kaka Street, Whangarei

We shape an education system that delivers equitable and excellent outcomes
He mea tārai e mātou te mātauranga kia rangatira ai, kia mana taurite ai ōna huanga


Tena koutou whanau ma. Greetings to everyone

At Alert Level 2, our school is open and we want to encourage regular attendance as long as students are well.  We would like to give you confidence that we have a strong sense of how to manage well-being, and that we have robust systems in place to keep everyone safe.

The two main strategies to keep everyone safe in school are:

strong hygiene practices’ and ‘personal distancing’

In fact because we are doing as much as we can to keep ourselves safe, we are being really fussy about:

  • hand washing with soap
  • how we cough and sneeze safely
  • keeping our distance from one another
  • Keeping our learning environments sanitised
  • Students staying home if they are unwell

Check out this video 😊

Contact Tracing Register:

We will be keeping a register of people coming onto our school sites for ‘contact tracing’.

  • The School Gates will be locked to traffic and notices on the gates will give instructions.
  • Parents please drop off and pick up your children outside the School Gates.

If arriving early, please be patient and wait for your child/children, outside the School Gates.  After the final school bell, the children will meet you at the School Gate.  If there’s a specific reason you’re needing to remove your child early, please come in and talk to our Office Staff who will assist you.

  • If you are coming onto the School Site beyond the gates, please report to the Admin Staff in the School Office, to have your name and contact details recorded (both Kaikohe and Waimate Campuses please).
  • For visitors we don’t know, we will ask for full contact details i.e. phone, address and email information to enable Health Services to ‘contact tracing’ where needed.


Please stay away from school if you are unwell. If you have COVID-like symptoms, please make sure you are assessed by a GP or Healthline to determine if testing is recommended. The symptoms for COVID-19 have expanded as more has become known about the virus.

Symptoms noted on the Ministry of Health website are:

  • a cough
  • a high temperature (at least 38˚C)
  • shortness of breath
  • a sore throat
  • sneezing and runny nose
  • temporary loss of smell.

Please contact us as soon as possible so we are able to have clarity for our attendance registers. You can make contact in any way that works for you:  phone, email, text, message to your children’s teacher

Finally: It is easy for us to become frustrated with regulations at times like these – I think that when we look at what the Bible has to say we see that we are admonished come into alignment with our Government and meeting their requests because they have been appointed by God to look after us in the ‘civic’ sense.  So far as Government instructions do not require us to sin against God, we are to honour God and be an example to others by doing what we have been asked to do.

  • Romans 13:1-7,
  • 1 Peter 2:13-17
  • Titus 3:1

If you have questions about any of these matters please feel free to contact me.

Please check our website and newsletters regularly for more detailed information as it comes available

Nga mihi mahana – Blessings to all

David Rogers



It’s now time to start voting for one student representative to the Board of Trustees.

Voting forms have been distributed to all eligible voters on the student roll.

How to return your voting paper 

Please read carefully before voting!

1. If posting your voting paper, use the enclosed envelope and post to:

Returning Officer

PO Box 235


Your vote will not be counted unless the envelope is postmarked before the day of the election, Thursday 17th September 2020 and received by the returning officer not later than 5 days after the date of the election. Ensure you post it before 6.00pm the day before voting closes.

 2. If your voting paper is delivered to the school, please ensure that it is delivered and put into the blue BOT Election box before noon on the Friday 18th September in the enclosed envelope.

It should be taken to: 52 Mangakahia Road, Kaikohe

Voting closes on Friday 18th September 2020 at noon

Sareya Norman (Returning Officer) 





Kaikohe Christian School has started an inter-house competition which is held every Thursday during lunch break. Students from the school have been sorted into house groups: Calvary, Royal Saints, Israel and Freedom.

  • Davalamayne Phillips-Hulmes from Royal Saints says: “There are a lot of cocky people and  they think they are the best people, but really they just need to depend on their team. There is no I in team.

According to a scoreboard made by a teacher and the students running the competition: Freedom is in first place, Royal Saints in second, Calvary in third, and Israel in last place. Freedom has won the overall award for the past 2 years.

  • Hilda-Jean Danford says: “I don’t think Royal Saints are as stacked as they were before because a lot of people from Royal Saints have left.” Others agree with Hilda-Jean’s statement. A young girl from Calvary reported, “In my opinion, Royal Saints just need to humble like Freedom is .”

As you can tell, there is a lot of healthy rivalry between the students and their house groups.  Each week some senior students of the school set up an activity for house points. Every week it has been a different activity.  A few weeks back the students running the competition chose a Tik Tok challenge. Other activities that were decided were: orienteering, chants, puzzles, spelling bees and quizzes.

  • “Royal Saints is the best. Inter-house is fun because you’re more active and you don’t have to stay inside. You get to work as a team. You also get heaps of house points. Thanks to the seniors for setting this competition up.” stated Ocian Caville.

At lunch last Thursday, the best spellers from each year came into Rm 6 to compete in the Spelling Bee.  It started with the year 1 & 2, the words started off easily for example, on, in, over, easy words like that. Then it started getting harder, and it was time for the yr 3 & 4’s to shine.

  • Atlanta Nordstrand states, “ It started off easy but as it went on it got trickier and that’s what I liked about it.”

The group that ended up getting the best spelling score was…   FREEDOM!

  • Lenore Naera said, “It was fun, but I don’t like spelling”

It was challenging for everyone and challenges are a good thing.  For some children the Inter House competition was a new experience. Each activity wasn’t the same and they got to do something that was enjoyable.

  • Khody Pukeroa says, “The best group in there is Calvary. We’ll waste everyone.”
  • Another boy, named Hawaiki George-Hogg said, “Nah. We’ll smash you because we beat you last year.”

The activities are one way Kaikohe Christian School celebrates the different gifts of students.  It’s great to have  some creative, some physical, some academic challenges. The school anticipates the next round of games this coming Thursday!




Our Junior and Senior kapahaka roopu, NGA HOIA O IHU KARAITI TUAKANA- TEINA, will be doing a whanau performance next Friday. There will be kai stalls and taonga stalls starting at 4:30pm. The juniors will perform at 5.30 and the senior roopu at 6pm. Gold coin koha entry. All proceeds go towards the kapahaka roopu for ministry and haerenga. Come along and support these beautiful rangatahi, they have put a lot of hard work into their brackets, PHILIPPIANS 2:2, working together with one mind and one purpose. All Glory to God!



The Ministry of Education have changed the start of the external examinations for NCEA to a later date.
NCEA exams will now begin on Monday 16 November – Wednesday 9 December.
  • This is to help relieve some of the learning time pressure students and teachers have experienced due to home learning during the COVID19 Lockdown period.
  • We want to thank whanau who worked hard during the lock down period by getting involved with the learning needs of their rangatahi.
  • We all are working hard at school to ensure the best outcome for our rangatahi.
  • Please continue to keep engaged with the learning of your children, as research shows that strong whanau, student and school connections make the world of difference to future learning outcomes.
  • This year has challenges before all of us, but we are aiming to build on what we have learnt together, to plan the pathway ahead.
You can see the revised 2020 Examination Timetable and the Whanau Survey on our school website
Whanau support and input is vital and very much appreciated.
  • Please also complete the whanau survey, as this will help gather your voice too as we reflect on what has been learnt in a much broader sense over the past 2 months.
If you have any NCEA queries, please contact:  Yvonne Vujcich 09 405 2626



Reminder:  Parents / Caregivers please phone our School Office on 09 4011 873 or email by 9 am in mornings should your child / children be absent.

Should we miss your call, please leave a message on our answering phone:

Please advise the following details:

  • The student’s name
  • The absence reason
  • When they are likely to return to school

Failure to do so will result in Follow up action for ‘Truancy’, as part of the ‘Rock On Truancy Project’.

You may receive a text, email, phone call and where serious Truancy occurs a ‘Rock On Letter’.

  • Julie Haines                ( Year 1 – 8 Students)
  • Jacqueline Te Huia   (Year 9 – 13 Students)


  • Any student arriving late to School is required to sign in at the School Office upon arrival
  • Parents of young students who arrive late, will need to sign them in before dropping them off to their class
  • At the first class / form time of the day, the School Roll is marked and any marked ‘absent’ will be followed up as noted above, for attendance absences
  • It’s important your children arrive to school on time, as this too is considered a form of Truancy


All visitors who enter our School Grounds are required to sign in / out at our School Office

  • We take seriously the security and welfare of our students and therefore require Parents and Visitors adhere to this requirement
  • If it’s before the first school bell and you’re just dropping your children off and immediately leaving, you won’t need to sign in/out
  • If you remain onsite, you will be considered as a ‘Visitor’ and therefore will need to sign in / out at the School Office
  • If you arrive early to pick up your child / children and it’s before the final school bell, you will need to sign your child out, at the School Office




Jane Lim
Business Development
P: +64 (9) 470 3802            


Tēnā anō koutou katoa,

Ngā mihi o te wiki tuawaru. Kua tata mai te mutunga o tēnei wāhanga nō reira kia kaha koutou katoa kia mutu pai ngā mahi. Ko te pārongo mō tēnei wiki ko “Ngā Kai Whakatipu”. Ko ēnei kai ko ngā mātāpuna pūmua: ngā nati, ngā mīti , ngā hēki , me ngā kai pīni.  Ko te painga o ēnei kai hei whakaora ōu uaua, ā hei whakatipu i te tinana.

Greetings for week 8.  We are nearing the end of the term so keep strong and keep up the good work.

 This week’s nugget is our “Grow” food group.

  • These foods are our sources of protein such as: nuts, meat, eggs, and beans.
  • The goodness of these are that they help with recovery and with growing our bodies.

Ngā mihi,

Tuparahuia Pita – Energizer Mid North

Sport Northland | Northland Sports House, 97 Western Hills Drive| PO Box 1492, Whangarei 0140

022 658 2892 Mobile | |

I keep active by paddling waka … How about you?


Where: Kaikohe Intermediate School on Park Road

When: Every Monday of the term (all year)


  • Pre school:                    3.30 – 4.10 pm     $35 per term
  • Recreation 5-12yrs:     4.15 – 5.15 pm     $45 per term
  • Advanced pre comp:   4.50 – 6.30 pm    $55 per term

Contact Karla 0274512440 or 09 4011706


Kaikohe Rugby U10s are looking for players for 2020

  • Trainings – Wednesdays 4pm @Kaikohe Rugby Club
  • Coach – Mate Rakete – Mobile: 02041696871

Kaikohe Rugby U11s are looking for players for 2020

  • Trainings – Wednesdays 4pm @Kaikohe Rugby Club
  • Coach – Anzac Leaf – Mobile: 02102518375

Nga mihi

Bodean Rogers

Bay Of Islands Community Rugby Manager

Northland Rugby Union | 50 Kioreroa Road Whangarei | PO Box 584, Whangarei 0140 P: 09 438 4743 | M: 020 4112 4415


Blessings to you all and stay safe!