Year 9 Social Studies

Term One

Treaty of Waitangi

Children develop an understanding of the importance of the Treaty; that it is lasting and binding. We look at covenants in the Bible as examples of God’s view on treaties. Children will conduct their own inquiries based on this.

Term Two

Ancient Rome

Students will choose an aspect of life in Ancient Rome to conduct an Inquiry study. This study will support the English novel study ‘The Bronze Bow.’ Students may work in small groups and present their information to the rest of the class in one of the following ways: Power-point, prezi.comPowtoon, Poster, or Speech.

Term Three

In Conjunction with Mr Rogers, I will be introducing the Primary Enterprise Programme where students learn about creating and marketing products and services.

Term Four

Multicultural Societies

Students will explore different cultures and understand the richness they add to our country. It will also be an opportunity for children to look at their own cultural diversity and develop a further understanding of who they are and how this impacts them.


Ms B Baines

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