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Mathematics is a tricky subject to teach!

This is because each new year of teaching relies on the students having some understanding of what went on the year before!  If they did not understand work at Curriculum Level Four, then they won’t understand it at Curriculum Level Five!


So that we have students who know they are learning - where the work is challenging but not too challenging – our students are taught at the curriculum level they are operating at.  This is not decided on their year level or their age, but on how well they understand the mathematics.


In practice this means that in our Curriculum Level Five class we have students from year seven through to year eleven – each learning at and being challenged at the mathematics level that they are actually operating in! So each student is engaged in the learning and moving forward.


When students are ready we have our Level One Maths Achievement Standards class so that students can gain their maths credits.  If a student finds maths really difficult to comprehend then we have our numeracy class which takes the maths learning slowly and at the students own pace – and allows the students to get the numeracy requirements of Level One NCEA.


We have two Maths courses at Level Two; a probability and statistics course and the more classic course that covers such things as Algebra, graphs and Calculus.  We also have a Level Three Calculus course.


Our Maths teachers are:

Ms Yvone Vujcich who teaches Level Four and Numeracy

Ms Bev Baines who teaches Level Three

Ms Sharon Thomson who teaches Level Five

And Mr Otto Ng who teaches our NCEA courses