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Research shows that absence from school has a large impact on learning and achievement. Students who are frequently absent from school are at significant risk of falling behind. We encourage excellent attendance and appreciate your support to have your children arrive at school each day, on time, ready to learn.

If your child is sick, going to be late or absent for another reason please report the absence here. You can also ring the school office to report and explain the reason for an absence.

If you have not called or reported an absence please send a note with your child to explain the reason when they return to school.

Absence due to other events

The NZ Government requires children to be at school.  The Principal is able to grant an exemption of up to five days. If your child is to be absent for reasons other than sickness please talk to the Principal, rather than your child’s teacher.

Report an Absence

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If your contact details have changed please update your general and contact information.

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