Standard of Conduct

School Rules

For clarity we include a description of our expected standards of conduct and although our intention is to convey a message of positive conduct by all, the language we use in this section enables us to be specific.

  1. A condition of entry to Kaikohe Christian School is that pupils abide by the School Rules.
  2. In the event that a pupil’s behaviour consistently breaches the rules or creates a serious offence, the privilege of attending Kaikohe Christian School may be temporarily or permanently withdrawn consistent with the Ministry of Education Stand-down and Suspension regulations.
  3. The teaching staff are reminded that the school is a place of learning and the preservation of the good name of the school and the well-being and safety of students is related to the sensible of School Rules.
  4. At all times, students must follow teachers’ instructions.

The School Rules are grouped into three categories as follows:

Category A

Breaches of these may be regarded as being a very serious infringement that may result in a Stand-down or Suspension.

  • Gross blasphemy or behaviour that is openly anti-Christian.
  • Deliberate and purposeful rebellion against authority.
  • Purposeful physical, sexual or verbal assault by a student on staff or another student.

Bringing any of the following items to school:

  • illegal drugs;
  • alcohol;
  • cigarettes;
  • matches;
  • solvents;
  • unwholesome literature, video or music;
  • knives and other dangerous objects.
  • Theft or wilful damage of school property or the property of a student or staff member.
  • Continued Physical, sexual and/or verbal harassment of a student and/or a Staff member.

Category B

Breaches of these may be regarded as being at a serious infringement level that would result in automatic contact with you at home.

  • Blatant disrespect and/or inattentiveness and/or a lack of cooperation shown to other students, Staff and/ or visitors.
  • Low level physical, sexual and/or verbal harassment of a student and/or a Staff member.
  • Graffitiing on, or otherwise defacing school or another person’s property or your own property or hands and arms e.t.c.
  • Leaving the school grounds without permission.
  • Swearing and/or using other forms of inappropriate language.
  • Using computers without the permission of a teacher at school.

Category C

Breaches of these may be regarded as being at a moderately serious infringement level.

  • Running inside or around the buildings in close proximity to glass or equipment that could be damaged.
  • Wearing incorrect school uniform or wearing the uniform in an untidy and/or immodest manner.
  • Wearing makeup e.g. nail polish, heavy mascara etc.
  • Wearing jewellery e.g. rings, bracelets, necklaces etc.
  • Playing with sports equipment etc. in such an irresponsible manner that could cause damage or injury.
  • Playing and/or walking on gardens.
  • Being inside the buildings before school or after school or during break-times without permission from a Staff member.
  • Use of teacher’s equipment without permission.
  • Chewing gum at school.
  • Leaving class without permission from the classroom teacher.


For the first 10 minutes of lunchtime, students are asked to remain seated in the designated area while they eat their lunch.  This is to encourage all students to develop good habits and to help address littering that can take place when students move around the school while eating.