Year 9 Mathematics

Year 8/9 Mathematics

The year plan does not spend very long on each topic.  This is because touching on ideas/concepts regularly throughout the year is more likely to keep the “hind” brain working on that information – there is a constant revision and reworking of the older material. Also, students work better when they are covering new material more regularly. So Number done four times a year for short bursts will be more motivating for the students than 12 weeks of Number in one block.

To support the students’ learning in Year 9 we use a combination of  Education Perfect online units, work from New Zealand Curriculum Mathematics and the NuLake Mathematics workbook. The Year 8 students will continue to follow the Prime Mathematics Programme.

Students are encouraged to articulate what they are learning and how they will know they are successful. We also work in a supportive encouraging environment where students work together to enhance and increase the learning. Our goal is for everyone to be successful.

Parents can help by asking their children about what they are learning and making sure they know their basic facts and times tables.


Ms B Baines

Year 9 Mathematics Course Outline 2018
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