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Students wishing to take subjects that are not available with us can enrol in Correspondence courses through the Correspondence School. Correspondence classes occur during class time in a supervised study class.
Students learn through a combination of workbooks and online modules. They can contact their Te Kura tutor via email or phone if they have a question.
Students work together with the correspondence supervisor at the beginning of the year to select standards and plan a course outline for the year.

Classroom Expectations:

  1.     Arrive and leave on time without disrupting others.
  2.     Keep volume to a low level suitable for study.
  3.     Follow the school computer use policies.
  4.     Respect class members, resources and staff.

Correspondence Student Work Expectations:

  1.     Attend classes – arrive on time with correct equipment and ready to learn.
  2.     Complete lessons and check progress against course outline (recommended 5 hours/week)
  3.     Submit completed booklets and/or topics every 2-3 weeks.
  4.     Communication – correspond with your subject tutor regularly.
  5.     Catch-Up – Attend Compulsory Catch-Ups (CC’s) at scheduled times after school.

(Only required when students are not meeting expected course outline and parents will be notified the day before if required).

Supervisor Expectations:

  1.      Completing enrollments and course outlines.
  2.     Assisting with technology (access to OTLE, printing workbooks, scanning and returning workbooks).
  3.     Providing a classroom environment suitable for distance learning and study.
  4.     Contacting Tutors when needed.
  5.     Monitoring progress against expectations.

Ms Sareya Norman

Email:[email protected]

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