Parents and Caregivers Role

We deeply desire that parents work hand in hand with the staff because we know that our students will achieve better if you do. The following areas need your support:

  1. Support the Christian philosophy, goals and practices of the school.
  2. Encourage the children to achieve to the best of their ability in all areas.
  3. Support the school to maintain high standards of behaviour.
  4. Monitor and enforce school uniform code. Ensure your children are in uniform and have the equipment they need for learning.

1. Our Special Character

The Special Character of the School is based on the beliefs and practices of the Heart of the North Celebration Centre. We teach from a Christian worldview. The learning of verses from the Bible is integrated into our teaching as are moral values. We study the Bible and our assemblies include praise and worship songs, and our speakers encourage the students to live Godly lives.

2. Academic Achievement

Students are more likely to do well when we as teachers, parents and caregivers expect them to do well, and these expectations are expressed in words and actions. Together we:

  • Find and encourage their interests, talk to them about what they are learning, ask them questions, talk to them about politics, social problems, current affairs, business, farming, your dreams, etc.
  • Encourage sport, hobbies, music and art. Limit their television and computer game playing, also their part-time jobs. Encourage them to have long-term goals toward long-term wealth and job fulfilment, rather than short-term spending power.

3. Behaviour

Together, we as parents and teachers want our children in an environment not limited by their own or other students’ bad behaviour, so please support us to maintain a positive learning atmosphere in the class, and a caring environment in the playground.


4. Uniform

Parents are responsible for sending children to school in correct uniform, or students will be sent home. Please ensure all uniforms are named clearly before it comes to school.