KAMAR Parent & Student Portal

KAMAR Parent & Student Portal

The KAMAR Parent & Student Portal has been set up so parents/caregivers and students can log in and view student information at any time throughout the year. The following information is currently available –  notices, calendar, student timetables, live attendance, pastoral notes, recognition’s (C.A.R.E points),  student reports, student results and student pathways.

Please note:

  • Students’ information is not publicly available and has only been shared with parents/caregivers who each have their own unique password. Please, keep your password confidential (Parents and students have their own unique password).
  • The Parent Portal has been set up for Secondary Students Year 9-13 only at this stage.

KAMAR Parent & Student Portal App

To use the KAMAR app download and install it from the Google Play Store or the App Store and enter the following settings:

Title: KCS Portal

Server Address: https://portal.kcs.school.nz

Username: your username

Password: your password

Login information is given to students and parents/caregivers at the beginning of the school year.

Parent & Student Portal