We live in the most amazing world, in a universe that has been created by an awesome God.  He has put everything together perfectly.  His creation is beautiful and astounding – right from the smallest micro-organism, to how our bodies work, from the simplicity to the complexity of the planet we live on and from the consistency of the physical factors to the beauty and order of the entire universe.

Our curriculum teaches us about the world we live in. It teaches us about what it means to be a child of God, learning to learn and participate effectively in the world He has created.

  • We learn to be literate and numerate
  • We learn about the natural and man-made aspects of God’s creation and the interactions of one upon the other.
  • We learn how to engage with our own culture and the cultures of others.
  • We learn to appreciate and engage in the aesthetic, creative giftings God has blessed us with.
  • We learn that in all things, we give glory to the Most High God.