General Information

Office Hours

The office is attended from 8:30am-4:00pm.

Lost Property

Student’s items should be named. Unnamed items are held at the office for a month before being put in the second-hand uniform sales.

Visiting classrooms in school hours

All visitors entering the school grounds must report to the office in the first instance. Parents and visitors are not permitted to enter classrooms without prior arrangement with the Principal or with the classroom teacher.

Lunch Times

For the first 10 minutes of lunch time, students are asked to remain seated in the designated area while they eat their lunch. This is to encourage all students to develop good habits and to help address littering that can take place when students move around the school while eating.


If you want to contact your child or leave a message, please do so through the receptionist.

Cell Phones

No Cell Phones. In accordance with Government Mandates Students are not permitted to have cell Phones at School.

Weekly Newsletters

You can receive a newsletter by email (notify the office with your email), or the eldest child in the family will bring one home each Thursday.

Text Books

When students are issued with textbooks, they need to look after them carefully. Damaged or lost books will be billed to their parents/caregivers.

Student Vehicles

The appropriate form must be completed and approved by the Principal.

Bikes to school

A safety helmet must be worn and road rules followed. A bike rack is situated outside the school office and bikes are not to be ridden on the school grounds.

Student Property

Students should not bring valuable items to school.

School Property

Students who damage school property due to their careless or irresponsible behaviour will have to pay replacement costs.