NCEA Level 2 Chemistry

The course is at level 7 of the NZ National Curriculum for the Science Learning Area. The Achievement Objectives at this level are:

Properties and changes of matter

  • Investigate and measure the chemical and physical properties of a range of groups of substances, for example, acids and bases, oxidants and reductants, and selected organic and inorganic compounds.

The structure of matter

  • Relate properties of matter to structure and bonding.
  • Develop an understanding of and use the fundamental concepts of chemistry (for example, equilibrium and thermochemical principles) to interpret observations.

In this course, students will be trying to gain Level 2 credits for the National Certificate of Educational Achievement. The work done throughout the year will be assessed by Internal and External Assessment submissions. This course follows the national curriculum for Science, preparing students for Level 3 Chemistry.

Mrs Theresia Van Wingerden

[email protected]

NCEA Level 2 Chemistry Course Outline

Examples of Student Work