Attendance Dues

Attendance Dues 90 Day Payment Policy

As a State Integrated School, the Proprietor charges compulsory Attendance Dues. Attendance Dues are invoiced each term and are due on invoice. The Proprietor has a 90-day payment policy.  A weekly automatic payment option is also available. If invoices are not paid in full after 90 days and no arrangement has been made with the Proprietor’s office, students may be unenrolled.

All costs incurred in the recovery of overdue attendance dues, including debt recovery charges and legal fees, may be added to the balance of any outstanding accounts.

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FAQs about Attendance Dues

1.What are they?

Attendance dues are a legal charge, not a donation. Attendance dues are charged by

the Proprietor for the property-related costs. (List of lawful expenditure).

  1. What is the Proprietor?

The Proprietor is Celebration Trust. Celebration Trust owns the School on behalf of the

church 1 . The Proprietor is responsible to set and maintain the Special Character of the

School and provide the facilities. The School Board is responsible for maintaining them.

  1. How are they set?

They were set in 1997 at $500 plus GST and have been rebated to allow for more than

one child per family.

  1. What have they been spent on?

In 1997 the School roll was 37 primary students and was sited in two primary

classrooms, two small cottages, the principal’s house, and the office. There was no

sealed playground or carpark. We have removed the two cottages, purchased two

houses, built six classrooms and a hall, extended the playground and developed it into a

facility with a $3million replacement value. The main expenditure now is the annual

lease. The lease finances the $1.2 million rebuild of block K to be opened in 2024 and

future stages 2 and 3. The government does not fund any building at our school.

  1. Will the Attendance Dues increase?

Yes. In May 2023 we announced the start of the new build and increase in Attendance

Dues. In 2024 there will be an increase to $800 for years 1-8 and $1000 for years 9-13.

However, we are offering a rebate to families who need it. The rebated attendance dues

for next year are $650 for primary and $750 for secondary.

  1. How do I apply for the rebate?

If you need the rebate next year, email [email protected]. The family rebate

will also stay in place.

  1. How do we report on how the Attendance Dues are spent?

The proprietor annually submits an audited report to the Ministry of Education. This is

public information and available through the Board of Trustees.

Additional Costs

Parents/Caregivers should be aware that there will be additional costs during the year for items such as uniforms, stationery, craft materials, expendable resources and school trips.

Online Payments
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