Attendance Dues

Number of Children Total for the Year (GST inc) per Term (GST inc) per Fortnight (GST inc) per Week (GST inc)
1 Child $575.00 $143.78 $22.12 $11.06
2 Children $1,092.52 $273.13 $42.02 $21.01
3 Children $1,606.80 $401.70 $61.80 $30.90
4 Children $1,912.56 $478.14 $73.56 $36.78

Attendance Dues 90 Day Payment Policy

As a State Integrated School, the Proprietor charges compulsory Attendance Dues. Attendance Dues are invoiced each term and are due on invoice. The Proprietor has a 90-day payment policy.  A weekly automatic payment option is also available. If invoices are not paid in full after 90 days and no arrangement has been made with the Proprietor’s office, students may be unenrolled.

All costs incurred in the recovery of overdue attendance dues, including debt recovery charges and legal fees, may be added to the balance of any outstanding accounts.

Follow this link for more information regarding Attendance Dues at Kaikohe Christian School

Additional Costs

Parents/Caregivers should be aware that there will be additional costs during the year for items such as uniforms, stationery, craft materials, expendable resources and school trips.

Online Payments
Attendance dues Automatic Payment Form