Positive Behaviour For Learning – PB4L

On Friday the 8th of June, our Diamond students (those who have been awarded 100 points in every CARE category) went on an amazing trip with Explore Bay of Islands Dolphin Discovery.  

We had an amazing time.  We saw a large pod of Dolphins hunting and they even brought their catch up to show us! We got to ask lots of questions and won chocolate bars for asking the best questions out of all the tour passengers.  Some of the people on the boat swam with the dolphins and so the dolphins stayed around us for a long time. We saw Seals out on Bird Rock – we counted 15!

Our trip took us right out to the Hole in the Rock where we learnt all about the Cape Brett lighthouse and got to go into a cave on our boat.

Next we cruised into the Islands and stopped at Urupukapuka Island for an awesome buffet lunch of steak, sausages, chicken, salads and fresh bread.  We got to play on the beach and explore around the rocks until it was time to get back on board our Explore boat and head back towards Russell and Paihia.  We had such an amazing day! Thank you to Explore Group Bay of Islands for providing an amazing experience for our Diamond kids!

 Courage . Aroha . Respect . Excel

We are a PB4L (Positive Behaviour For Learning) school. Our approach is to model appropriate behaviour, to coach and guide correct behaviour through the deliberate teaching of these behaviours and to reward our students often. We have a merit system that acknowledges and affirms our students’ positive conduct. Part of this is to award certificates of recognition and CARE badges to students as they attain ‘credits’ for recognised positive behaviour.

From time to time it is necessary to remind students of their conduct. We do this by encouraging and modelling pro-social behaviours. Low-level incidents are managed by low key ‘re-direct’ prompts. Repeated off task or distractive behaviour may trigger ‘quiet words’ outside before returning to the learning environment. More serious misconduct may trigger a period of “time out” or referral to the Principal.

Daily Report

Sometimes it will be necessary to place a student on an Appropriate Behaviour Plan. We use a “Report” system to help students focus on behaviour goals and to keep you informed so there can be a partnership approach to behaviour management.


Sometimes it is necessary to issue a lunchtime or after school detention. If this happens you will be informed.

Stand downs and Suspensions

In extreme cases, it may be necessary to use a stand down or suspension to respond to the behaviour needs of a student. In such cases, we would keep you closely informed.

CARE Behaviour Matrix
Minor Behaviour Flow Chart