Four years ago in 2009, Kaikohe Christian School joined over 300 secondary schools nationwide in offering, to an initial 15 senior students in Years 12 and 13, the opportunity to participate in the Gateway Programme. Now in 2013, there are closer to 40 of our students participating in the Programme.

It was primarily designed to strengthen the career pathway for students from school to workplace learning and to cater for the full range of students. Structured workplace opportunities are offered whereby students are able to attain specific vocational skills that lead to future employment.  
A formal arrangement is set up with an actual workplace Students complete the work placement after having produced a CV and completing an OSH ensure their safety onsite.
It is not to be confused with work experience where students are invited to taste different occupations to make a career decision.  Instead, with the Gateway Programme students have a rigorous set of criteria to follow and are expected to earn a minimum of 15 credits towards possible career training.  These are gained at whatever level the student is studying at and contribute to their current NCEA level of study. These are in the area they have chosen to work in.  
Students are not paid for this workplace experience, but it allows them to gain a true insight into what this occupation really entails as well as providing a good opportunity for employers to assess potential employees before they hire them.
Students involved in the Programme have commented how useful it has been in helping them discern their career pathway. With the current situation of employment becoming increasingly difficult, the Gateway Programme is proving very useful in giving the students involved, a competitive edge.
Students wishing to enrol in Gateway must first approach the careers office to pick up a Gateway profile form.  Once this has been fully completed and returned to Mr WiHongi, an appointment will be made to discuss a workplace opportunity. (This needs to be done within the first few weeks of the year).
Please contact the Gateway Coordinator with any questions.

Paul WiHongi - Gateway Coordinator |Kaikohe Christian School

DDI: (09)405 2626| 021 1144105




Year 12 students chilling at the Laser Maze after a 2-day Health & Safety course during the holidays.   


2012 Year 12/13 University Trip.