Senior Option Lines & Subjects

2017 Option Lines

Period 116541
Period 231654
Period 322165
Period 443216
Period 554323

2017 Senior Subjects

Option LineSubjects
111Mat HT, 12Chem THV, 12PE CJ, 13Cal HT, 13Chem AB, 13Dig AV
211Bib WW, 12Bio THV, 12DVC AB, 12Phy AB, 13Bio THV, 13Phys AB
311PE CJ, 12Art AV, 12Dig AV, 12His WW, 13His WW
411Art AV, 11Tec AB, 12Mat HT, 13Art AV, 13Eng WW
511Sci THV, 12Tec AB, 13PE CJ
611Eng WW, 12Eng TR, 13Cal HT

Note: Correspondence, Gateway, Study and subjects where there was a clash have been created for students individually so are not included in this list. Please request a copy of your timetable from the school office if needed.