Teach me to do your will for you are my God.

Psalm 143:10


Tena koutou whanau ma – warm greetings to everyone
Ko tenei te mihi mahana ki a koutou i te timatatanga o te wananga hou nei. Welcome back one and all to Term two.
I pray you have had a refreshing break with whanau and friends and that our students are all fired up about learning and coming back to school. This term promises to also be a busy one and again, one with changes that we will need to address to make sure we continue to keep our focus on student achievement and progress in all areas of endeavour. Please pray for this for our school.
In regards to changes, with regret, I have accepted Whaea Roylena’s resignation from her mahi here at school and thank her for the work she has done with our tamariki. The teaching role is one which demands a great deal from teachers and quite often, this demand impacts the health and well-being of our staff to the point that it is not possible to continue in the role. We pray for Whaea Roy and for God to open the necessary doors for her and whanau moving forward.
Coming up very quickly is the TaiTokerau Kapa Haka Festival in which our rangatahi are participating and representing. This is extremely important mahi for the school and one which allows us to share the Good News with strength and determination. Huge thanks to our kaimahi, particularly Michelle and Komene for the preparations and training, and to our students who have put many hours into making this event as successful as it can possibly be. Thank you also to whanau who have supported and transported students to practices and helped to feed them over the last few weeks.
Also coming up soon is “Whanau Day” at school for which we will have dates confirmed to you soon.
On a personal note, thank you all for praying for Joanna (Mrs Rogers), who has had a major surgery this week – things are progressing well and we expect to be home by the weekend.
Nga mihi mahana
David Rogers



Dates Events
Term 2:  Thursday 18th May 2023 Whanau Day (3-7pm)
Term 2:


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Term 1: Tuesday 31st January 2023  Thursday 6th April 2023
Term 2: Wednesday 26th April 2023 Friday 30th June 2023



Dear Parents

Just a notice about the winter term the expected uniform is as follows,

Boys; Black shorts or trousers. No sweat pants.
Girls; Skirt, skort with black knit tights or black trousers. No sweat pants or leggings.
Junior school; the red and gold polar fleece top over the school polo shirt, warmer thermals can be worn underneath the school polo top.
Senior school; the black school jacket over the the school polo shirt, warmer thermals can be worn underneath the school polo top.
Shoes; black closed shoe/ sneaker, preferably lace up and black or white socks and girls may wear black knit tights.
No gumboots, scuffs or slip-ons. If your child comes to school in these they will have them swapped out for a pair of Kidscan shoes or pre-used footwear.
There are a variety of tops and shoes in Lost Property (s1)
The school does have available a size range of second hand polos, skorts, and polar fleeces. Please see Mrs Van Wingerden (Tuesday to Friday).
Please refrain from wearing Jewellery.
thank you,


NCEA Student & Whanau Handbook 2023
Next Tuesday, all Year 11-13 students will also receive a hard copy of this handbook to take home. If you have any questions, please contact Yvonne Vujcich (0274915218) or [email protected]



We would like to acknowledge our wonderful Ki  o Rahi team. They went to the Te Arawa Secondary schools nationals Ki o Rahi tournament in Rotorua for a week. They represented our Lord Jesus Christ with honour and we are very proud of them all. We were up against teams who have played since the revival of this amazing sport in 2010, but they pushed through and came 25th out of 38 teams! This is such an amazing achievement for our small kura beating huge kura like Hoani Waititi and Bay of islands College.


Meeting Dates:                                                                                                                                                                           

Term 1



Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

John 17:17

For your love is ever before me, and I walk continually in your truth. 

Psalm 26:3


The Heart of the North church is organizing a bus and encouraging as many students 11 years old and older to come. Please click on the link to register now.



Blessings to you all and stay safe!