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THIS WEEK’S MEMORY VERSE Week 5 VALUE FOCUS: Where is God when I am Scared?

Jeremiah 10:6

“No one is like You O LORD; You are great and Your Name is mighty in power”


2021 TERM 4

  • ENDS:              Friday          10 December




  • 03 December    Kaikohe Campus Senior Prize giving Year 9 – 13           Kaikohe Campus
  • 08 December    Waimate North Campus Prize giving                              Waimate North Campus
  • 09 December    Kaikohe Campus Junior Prize giving Year 1 – 8              Kaikohe Campus



Learning ,Teaching & Other Matters in the COVID Environment: 

Many of you will no doubt be aware of the Government Mandatory Vaccination order and how it is applied to all schools throughout Aotearoa New Zealand.
  • Along with every other school and learning institution across our nation, we have worked to make our places of learning safe for all during this COVID pandemic.
  • We have been grateful for your support in all of this.
  • In our kura we have understood that there is hesitancy in some, to get vaccinated and we have supported whanau and staff to seek the Lord, to get reliable advice and to make decisions accordingly.
  • Currently we have staff and whanau who are still in this place of uncertainty and this is impacting on how we provide for learning for our young people and rangatahi.
  • As we move through to the end of the year, we will have extra personnel employed to help us with managing the learning and administration in the school while we have some teaching and support staff who will be working remotely to keep students engaged and learning.
  • We already see today that this is working well in our kura and look forward to getting through to the end of the term together.
  • I have already shared with you, our thinking about how we can manage the end of year Assemblies and Prize-Givings. It will feel quite different for sure but we will still move to make these events as successful, honouring and enjoyable as we can. Look out for the dates and times for our Live Stream events in this newsletter.
  • As we have previously discussed, the end of this year brings the end of an era in our partnership with our Kerikeri and surrounding areas to bring Christian Education to that community as part of Kaikohe Christian School. From the beginning of next year our newly grown Christian school will begin on the Waimate Campus, and will be known as Harvest Christian School – please pray with us for a successful and bountiful transition into this exciting new phase.
Lastly – if you have any concerns or questions, particularly as we close out this year, please contact me.
Mauri ora
David Rogers



The Board upholds parental rights to make health decisions for their children.

  • To preserve those rights, the Board will not allow any covid 19 vaccination clinics on the School grounds.
  • The Board is neither for or against covid 19 vaccinations.

To find a local vaccination clinic go to:

Mike Shaw – CEO Celebration Trust  

09 405 3996    /   021 842 302


School Photos

A letter was given out to Kaikohe students yesterday. Waimate will receive their letter when they return from camp on Friday.
Date of photos:  Thursday 25th November
Cost: $18.00 each (Class photos only)
Times:  9.30am (Waimate) and 11am (Year 1-10 Kaikohe) Year 11-13 students will have their photos after their exams at 1pm.
If you would like to order a class photo please ensure your ordering form is handed into the school office with payment by 9.30am Monday 21st November (Kaikohe) and Waimate by 9.30am Wednesday 23rd of November the latest.
Many thanks,
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                                                                                    LUNCHES BY LIBELLE – IN SCHOOL LUNCH PROGRAMME:



We are currently experiencing difficulties with the sizing of Uniforms from this supplier, which has recently changed owners.

The sizes have completely changed and don’t reflect NZ sizing nor sizes that would normally be close to the age of the child (particularly for the Fleece tops), so we do recommend you trying the sizes on, at the Kaikohe Campus Office before you order /purchase any uniforms.

  • They have sent us samples for Fleece tops, so you can try them on before you order. 

We apologise for any inconvenience and are investigating an alternative but it cannot occur till 2022, so we’ll have to make do for the rest of this year.

Our School Office no longer carries stock of School Uniforms

  • Except for: Year 9 – 13 Velocity Jackets that can be purchased from Kaikohe Campus Office only.

There are 2 options available for purchasing the rest of the School Uniforms:

1)   Order School Uniforms Direct Online at:

Uniform Hub:

  • Online shopping at: or
  • Facebook page: @northlanduniformhub
  • Address: 577 Kamo Road, Kamo, Whangarei 0112
    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: 09 435 2576
  • Opening hours: Mon – Fri 8.30am – 5pm & Sat 9am-12.30

2)  Order and pay at Kaikohe Campus School Office (in person)

  •       52 Mangakahia Road, Kaikohe
  •       You need to be sure of the sizes before ordering, as exchanges will incur extra costs.


We are having a crackdown on the bringing of mobile phones to school.
This has been in place since the beginning of the last term however our students need reminding.
Rules – If caught:
1st time:
  • Mobile handed to the teacher, who will take it to the front office and the student will collect it at the end of school.
2nd time +:
  • Mobile taken to the front office and kept until the end of the term and the parents are to pick the phone up.
This is to eliminate face booking, cyberbullying and distractions from schoolwork.
Let’s work together in ensuring that every tauira in this school succeeds at whatever vocation they pursue.
He waka eke noa=Everyone working together


All visitors who enter our School Grounds are required to sign in / out at our School Office

  • We take seriously the security and welfare of our students and therefore require Parents and Visitors adhere to this requirement
  • If it’s before the first school bell and you’re just dropping your children off and immediately leaving, you won’t need to sign in/out
  • If you remain onsite, you will be considered as a ‘Visitor’ and therefore will need to sign in / out at the School Office
  • If you arrive early to pick up your child / children and it’s before the final school bell, you will need to sign your child out, at the School Office


  • Any student arriving late to School is required to sign in at the School Office upon arrival
  • Parents of young students who arrive late, will need to sign them in before dropping them off to their class
  • At the first class / form time of the day, the School Roll is marked and any marked ‘absent’ will be followed up as noted above, for attendance absences
  • It’s important your children arrive to school on time, as this too is considered a form of Truancy


Please be informed that Payments to the School, can be made the following ways:

  1. Online (by preference)
  2. EFTPOS.  However we don’t accept School Fees via EFTPOS.
  3. A Cash payment, needs to be of the right amount, because we do not give out change.

Please contact the School Office 09 401 1873 for any queries


Kia ora Whanau,

We would like to invite you to join our Facebook page. Here you will find highlights from our week, important notices and snapshots of the learning. Please scan the QR code below to join our group, we would love to have you onboard.


Reminder:  Parents / Caregivers please phone our School Office on 09 4011 873 or email by 9 am in mornings should your child / children be absent.

Should we miss your call, please leave a message on our answering phone:

Please advise the following details:

  • The student’s name
  • The absence reason
  • When they are likely to return to school

Failure to do so will result in Follow up action for ‘Truancy’, as part of the ‘Rock On Truancy Project’.

You may receive a text, email, phone call and where serious Truancy occurs a ‘Rock On Letter’.

Jacqueline Te Huia

Blessings to you all and stay safe!