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Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

John 14:6

CARE FOCUS: I am making sure that I treat others with respect and kindness.


Tena koutou whanau ma – warm greetings to everyone.
I need to draw your attention to a challenge we are currently facing in the school and to ask for your support as we work to address it with our students.
Simply put, some of our students, mostly in the Year 7 to 10 classes but possibly others as well, are bringing vapes to school and smoking. We know it is happening because we have been able to work with some who have admitted to doing so and we are pleased to have their commitment to stop doing this. Others we know about through reliable testimony but there is a lot of deception and denial taking place so we feel this is a deeper issue than just the vaping that we need your support with.
Vaping comes into the same category as other illegal substances in the school and we have been taking the step to stand students down when vaping occurs. Like any area of misconduct, the goal is to have the activity stop and that students are repentant and working with us to address the area of concern. We do this with Godly counsel, prayer and support. We are effective when we, the students and whanau are working towards achieving positive outcomes and sometimes this is a long and challenging journey – but doing it together is the key. Sometimes, sadly, we are not successful with achieving a change and in this situation we seek the counsel of the Board of Trustees to give us direction and make recommendations or conditions about continuing enrolment.
I would like to ask that you have conversations with your young ones and help reinforce the message that vaping is not permitted at school and that it is a real health hazard, especially for youth. I would also ask that if you have any concerns that your young one might be vaping that you raise it with them and ask to check their bags before they head off to school. Please also keep us in the loop if you have concerns so we can work together on this one.
Nga mihi mahana
David Rogers



Dates Events
Term 4: Starts Monday 31st October 2022- After School Volley Ball Development – Years 5-10 (4 week module)
Term 3 & 4:             Every Wednesday – Starts Wednesday 27 July 2022                             Technology – Years 7 & 8 students (Moerewa School)
Term 4: Friday 18th November 2022 Touch Fest Year 7-8
Term 4: Thursday 24th November 2022 Transition Day for Students & Teachers 1-9
Term 4: Friday 25th November 2022 Senior Prizegiving Year 9-13
Term 4: Thursday 1st December – Friday 2nd December 2022 Survivor Camp Year 7-8
Term 4: Tuesday 6th December 2022 Survival Camp Year 5-6
Term 4: Thursday 8th December 2022 Junior Prizegiving Year 1-8


Starts: Ends:
Term 4: Monday 17 October 2022 Friday 9 December 2022


Due to the Kerikeri Road repairs starting next week on the 25th Oct for 3 weeks, there will be changes to the bus schedule.

In the morning the bus will leave 15 minutes earlier at 7.45am from the Proctor Library.

All pick ups along Kerikeri Road in the morning will have to come to the Library for pick up, as the bus will go via Waipapa to Waimate then Kaikohe.

In the afternoon the bus cannot stop along Kerikeri road so all Kerikeri Rd drop offs (Old Packhouse market and Hospice) the parents will have to collect from the Library.

Nga mihi,

Clarkes Buses.


Senior secondary students and whanau: Please note: we do not have exam study leave!

NCEA examinations begin next week 7 November and for our students finish on Thursday 24th November. Please note: we do not have exam study leave and students need to keep attending everyday until all their external and internal assessments are completed for the year. Teachers have marked mock exams and students have received their grades and feedback. Important further learning will be taking place so please ensure full attendance for the best success outcomes.
Exam admission slips will be handed out on Thursday 3 November. Students need to keep this in a safe place and bring to each exam session they are entered for. Our exams are held at Northland College and the teacher walks over with the students. When the morning exam is finished, students are to return to school.
Student Tips:  Believe in yourself, study hard, minimise all other distractions, social media and focus on getting those high grades. Remember to look after yourself with adequate sleep, exercise, healthy food and water to keep your brain pumping.
Praying great success for you all as you drive your own learning! Through Christ you can do all things!
If you have any questions, please contact Yvonne Vujcich 0274915218.

Nga mihi mahana,

Yvonne Vujcich



Kia Ora te Whanau,

Our school has been selected to perform in the Mana KuraTahi kapahaka regionals, which is a competition for the year 1-8 children. The competition will be held in Whangarei at the Kensington Stadium on Saturday 12th November 2022 at 9am. This is a huge opportunity for our tamariki to experience performing at this level but most importantly, an opportunity to minister and preach the Word of God, through waiata, to a wider audience. Worship in Te Reo Moari! We are having a dress rehearsal on Thursday 10th November 2022 in our school hall at 1pm. There will be a gold coin Koha/donation at the door and a sausage sizzle after the performance. This is an important performance for our tamariki to get confident in front of a big audience and to help with their nerves too.

Nga mihi mahana


Kia ora e te whanau,
Te Kotahitanga o nga Kura o Kaikohe are running a 6 week training programme.
This programme is for everyone to continue to build and maintain their fitness levels over the summer months. Training will be held at Northland College on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 6.00am – 7.00am. Shower facilities and breakfast are provided then head to your own school from there around 7.45am Training will be taken by a number of coaches from our community. There will be a fitness component as well and games to make it fun. First training is this Thursday 20th October. Nau mai Haere mai!!!
Nga mihi mahana,
Kiritopa Allen


Kia Ora Whanau,
Here is the link to register …….. for volleyball:
and it will take you to the form

Nga mihi mahana


Meeting Dates:                                                                                                                                                                           

Term 4 Tuesday 18 October 2022



Taylah Anderson

Scarlets POV

“Did you hear that?” Evelyn scanned her surroundings in a panic; the whispers echoed all throughout the old, abandoned building.. “Hear what?” I furrowed my brows, shining my torch around the room. No one else was in this building. It had been long forgotten, nothing but a sad stack of bricks and wood, but to us it was another adventure; a place worth exploring.

“I don’t know and I don’t think I want to find out. Let’s go.” Evelyn ushered from behind me. We rushed towards the door we’d used to enter. The door handle had been snapped off. We would have to find another exit. “Hey Evelyn, did we break the handle?” I questioned picking the broken metal piece from the floor. No reply. “Evelyn?” Only darkness. “Evelyn, this isn’t funny!” Objects clattered. A shrill scream was let out until it was silent once again. The silence was so, so loud. 

I heard whispers, they were becoming more and more like loud cries, warning me to get out – warning me that danger is near. The darkness became more and more suffocating.  My heart pounded in my ears. My feet moved hurriedly, looking for any escape route. I paused. The thudding footsteps behind me didn’t. I snatched my inhaler from my pocket taking deep breaths. Whatever lived in this building was twice the size as me, maybe even triple. “I’ll give you one minute to find an exit.” The mysterious voice spoke up, I inhaled deeply. 

“Then what?” I managed a meek reply.

 “You heard the scream of your friend. I’m sure you’re smart enough to  know exactly what will happen,” The silhouette of a tall man stood by the door. “Start.”

I despise running. My calves burned as I ran up the staircase, my breathing was wheezy and my vision blurry with tears. There is no way I can escape, why do I even try at this point? The small bright side is that even if I take longer than a minute, there are a lot of possible hiding places. Windows: Barricaded. Doors to the balcony: Barricaded. Barricaded, barricaded and barricaded, the word haunted my mind. I sprinted up the final staircase. One window wasn’t barricaded. Very high from the snowy ground, but definitely not impossible. “5!” The countdown had started. “4!” I ran backwards away from the window. “3!” I charged forward. “2!” My shoulder came in contact with the glass. “1!”

I landed feet first on the snow, my ankle twisting in a way it was most likely not supposed to. I held my arm, limping away from the building as fast as I possibly could. I panted trying to get a hold of my breathing. I looked back. Seeing the man smiling at me, I grimaced. The moonlight shone over his face. He backed away from the shattered window, letting darkness consume him once again. The trees bowed in the direction of the rundown home, vanishing, like it never existed. No one will ever believe me. 


New Beginnings: Relationship Skills for Singles

I am able to do all things through Him who strengthens me.

Philippians 4:13

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For nothing will be impossible with God.

Luke 1:37 


Mike Shaw

CEO Celebration Trust


PO Box 235 – Kaikohe

Phone +64 9 405 3996

Cell     +64 21 842 302





New Zealand Teachers’ Games Registrations ARE NOW OPEN!!

We are delighted to announce that registrations for the 2022 New Zealand Teachers’ Games are now open.  Grab your colleagues, to enter your team TODAY.   Click here to check the website and registration details.  Please share these links widely to make these games the largest to date.  

School Sport NZ, in partnership with University and Tertiary Sport New Zealand, is proud to bring you the 5th edition of the NZTG in the 2022 term 3 holidays in the beautiful surrounds of Mount Maunganui.

The New Zealand Teachers Games (NZTG) is an opportunity for educators and support staff to have fun with their colleagues, to compete seriously or socially and to enjoy each other’s company on the sports field. It provides a setting away from the pressures of school and tertiary institutions for all staff to relax, to network socially and professionally and to experience all the fun that being physically active, and part of a team can bring.

Open to anyone on the payroll of Early Childhood Centres, Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, and Tertiary Institutions. With options for all levels of ability, fitness, and competitiveness, the NZTG has something for everyone so why not get a big bunch of your colleagues (or the whole team!!) together and GET YOUR GAME ON!

Sport is a big part the landscape in NZ schools and tertiary institutions. It develops culture and pride and is a key engagement vehicle for students in learning, in their institution, and within their wider community. Sport can contribute to academic and social outcomes with clear links to key curriculum competencies including Relating to Others, Participating & Contributing and Managing Self.

NZTG seeks to use sport to provide schools and tertiary institutions with team building and networking opportunities, creating positive health and well-being experiences for staff and encourages all to be a part of providing quality sport opportunities for their students.

Please contact Nicki Paterson at [email protected]nz if you have any queries

New Zealand Teachers’ Games – Posts | Facebook

Blessings to you all and stay safe!